August 10, 2022
sony srs xb22 speaker

Sony SRS-XB22 Review – Really The Best?

Sony SRS-XB22 Review Have you ever heard about a device which is waterproof? You may think that it can’t be possible. Anyway, there are good news; it surely can! Especially when you are looking for something that you can take to anywhere to listen to your favourite music – on the beach or at the pool! Let me introduce you an appropriate portable speaker with bluetooth access which you will surely fall in love with. I assure you and your favourite speaker will be inseparable.


Sony SRS-XB22 is the newest bluetooth speaker under budget which you can use everywhere and even a little bit of water or dust can’t damage it. So you can use it either in the open air or in a closed room; either in a pub or at the side of a swimming pool in an oper-air party. It has LED bands which surround the front-facing speaker grille, and internal lights which are behind the grille. Therefore you can even use it in the dark or while you are driving, for example.
Behind the grille, you can find a very serious protection systhem for drivers and bass controller systhem. One of the most special addition of this skeaper is the Extra Bass mode control. There are other labeled buttons on the panel like Add (adding another speaker), WPC (linking multiple speakers), Batt (battery settings) which also functions as the LED light button. For battery recharging, the speaker can be used within 12 hours or 10 hours with Extra Bass mode activated.
There is an interesting information about the speaker and this is about the Live Sound mode. It gives a stereoscopic sound, making you feel to be on a live concert or a festival. Without this mode the speaker can’t produce a stereoscopic sound but an audio sound. You can join the Sony Music app to the speaker so you can use Extra Bass, Live and Off modes but we can not differ the sounds of the music in these modes.
There are inclined speakers inside the device with new DSP technology with gives this stereoscopic sound. DSP format ensures big resolution of sound which put much emphasis on the details of musical sounds. This format is powered by Sony Music Center application which gives a sound experience which matches to the imagination of the performer. This app has optinalized and easy control panel.
There are other functions you might try. Party Booster button is a very exciting part of the speaker. If you point to different points of the speaker you can hear different sound effects as well as scratching or different sounds of drumset. You can also use pointing and knocking on the speaker for volume control; if you hit stronger, you can put the volume on; if you hit softly, the music will sound silently.
In case if you and your friends find one speaker is not enought for you for the party and you want louder and thicker sound you can use the button ’Add’ and the function ’Party Chain’. This function enables you to join even one hundred wireless speakers.
Feel free to test and try Extra Bass and Live modes on different songs to make them enjoyable for the whole party night.

Pros list

Sony SRS-BX22 wireless speaker is portable; it is very easy to take to everywhere; it has enough place even in a small lady’s purse.
Waterproof and dustproof; therefore it can withstand water splashes and seashore sand. It’s design also ensures the speaker to be proof. It can be also thrown into the water or stood in the deep sand.
Due to its multifunctioning sounds, this speaker can be used for all party as one of the main party accessory. Live sound ensures a real feeling of a fantastic party.
LED lights adjust to the rhythm of the music you are listening.
Sony Music Center is a free multifunctional application which helps you to make and choose the appropriate set list for the right party. You can use light control and change sound modes through this app.
You can control volume easily by hit the speaker on its different points.
You can test the speaker’s Extra Bass on different songs of your track list.
The prize is good for its knowledge.
Sony Music Center app gives the experience of the sound like the festival and party by a DSP format.
Battery life is about 12 hours, or 10 hours with Extra Bass mode activated.
Rechargable battery inside the speaker.
You do not need to control it manually, you can use application.
Bluetooth and NFC technology help accessing. If you do not have NFC, you can access by Bluetooth.
You can place the speaker also vertical and horizontal position so it can be placed even in a smaller room.
It can bear every accident like hitting, scratching, shaking, throwing.

Cons list

At high volume, deep bass sounds give distort sound.
This speaker is not recommended for audio fans.
Manufacturers has put more emphasis on its waterproof and dustproof designing than its audio performance.
You can’t play music without Live mode activated. You can’t easily differ Extra Bass and Live mode, leaving these mode off is not recommended.
There is no differences seemed between various lightning modes on the speaker because every colors are white.
The app has not got much of possibilities of settings but enough to set the main functions and programs on the speaker.
The Extra Bass mode does not mean the bass has enough depth. It is either Bass or Live mode. You have to find the sound mode which is more proper for you.
In spite of long battery life, 10 hours of Extra Bass activated will vary with the volume levels.
Internet access is necessary for connecting Sony Music Center application.


Everyone likes different types and sounds, also, different speakers. Everyone has different tastes of music and music listening. In addition, everyone seeks for the best device for the proper feeling on the right place where favourite music can be played. This is why you have to be clever and careful about choosing the appropriate speaker according to your own taste of music listening and your favourite track list. If you choose Sony SRS-XB22 speaker it will give you a real festival sound but it depends on you where you want to place it and where do you want to use it. Sony SRS-XB22 speaker, for instance is appropriate for those who make parties very often, If you are looking for a simple and cheaper speaker with audio sound, Sony SRS-XB22 speaker is not the best choice for you. However, Sony SRS-XB22 speaker is a good choice according to its prize, sound and design quality as well.
So, above all, since Sony SRS-XB22 speaker can be used for everywhere but mainly recommended to be used on parties, it will ensure you the best sound and a lot of fun for all night, even when it last the whole night, for battery life lasts 10 or 12 hours. It is recommended especially for summer holidays, when you and your friends decide to go to the beach and reserve a party place just for yourself alone.
Anyone simply agree that qualified music is necessary for a good party, either it is for the background or for dance. It is not easy for a group to decide which sound is the best for all of them but I recommend to test Sony SRS-XB22 speaker for your imagination for your holiday program. Discuss which is the best choice for you, either audio or live sound, and which one is your priority. Choose your device and speaker that you won’t disappoing with. Remember, a good music speaker is necessary for you to enjoy yourself but you have to decide how to use music while you are together. Every night club sor pubs put music into different priority. In most places, music is much too loud because they want visitors to dance and nobody can talk to each other. However, there are places where music is more silent, so they do not put much emphasis on music thundering all day and all night. So it depends on tastes and priorities to decide. Since Sony SRS-XB22 speaker for bigger parties due to its Live and Extra Bass sound, it will give you the feeling of taking part of a festival.
No matter how you decide, do not choose Sony SRS-XB22 speaker because it is the coolest speaker nowodays. Choose it if you really want a Live or Extra Bass sound for a cool party night or if you want this feeling outside of town. In other words, on the seaside, stood in the sand or on the side of a swimming pool, for instance; if your desire is really an all-proof device.

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