August 10, 2022

11 Nashville Travel Tips You Never Thought Of!

You know you are one of the prolific cities in the world in terms of attractive qualities for tourism– or anything for that matter– when holding the title Country Music Capital of the World is not the only attraction that you can offer. I mean, it might be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when Nashville is mentioned in conversations, but the capital of U.S. state Tennessee is much more than that.

Nashville is a place that’s home to many fine architectures. The Parthenon– a replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Belle Meade Plantation, Frist Art Museum are merely some of them. The night life in this city is a sight to behold, with cocktail lounges, dive bars, speakeasies, that manifests itself into a city of bright colours, that’s sparkling just for you.

Then there is ofcourse country music aspect of all–being the cornerstone Nashville culture. With places like Johnny Cash Museum, Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall of Fame, it’s safe to say that Nashvillle is heaven when it comes to country music aficionados. If you plan to take a trip, here are 11 Nashville Travel Tips You Never Thought Of.

  • Best Times to Visit Nashville:

April through October, when the weather is warm, is an amazing time to visit Nashville. It’s a vivacious, vibrant city full of things to see and opportunities to explore. The Christmas season is also a good time to visit, as well.

  • Places to eat in Nashville:

If you want to have one of the most refreshing breakfasts in your life, head on to Biscuit Love, probably the city’s most popular breakfast spot. Try a dish called bonuts–which is a combination of pastry, sugar, and mascarpone– which might just be the appropriate refresher that you need.

You just can’t go without trying hot chicken in Nashville. It’s kind of a speciality of this area. Go to Prince’s Hot Chicken, who are in the business for over 70 years and still staying on top of their game.

  • Go To Live Music Shows:

I mean, how can you not? In a city like Nashville, which has a big reputation for music. Just check schedules on visitmusiccity, and it’s pretty much given that you will find a music show that fits perfectly with your taste.

  • Check Out Grand Ole Opry:

Grand Ole Opry music show in Nashville is just another joyous example of the city’s music community. It’s honoured with performances from legends like Johnny Cash, Troy Gentry. Just check out this place as you are certain to witness great music performances and have an overall good time.

  • Places To Stay In Nashville:

One thing everyone is sure to search while visiting a new city is places to stay, especially comfortable and cheap ones. Nashville Downtown Hostel is a pretty good spot for that. Located in Downtown Nashville, it’s capable of housing about 350 guests, with additional facilities like 24-hour computer station areas, community kitchen, lounge, and of course, a music stage as well.

  • Go To Hatch Show Print:

Hatch is a very integral part of Nashville’s entertainment industry. It posses a very vast collection of concert posters that too very prolific ones like of–Minnie Pearl, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe. Fine art lovers will have a field day visiting Hatch Show Print’s Haley Gallery.

  • Enjoy Nightlife of Nashville:

You can go on forever about the awesomeness of Nightlife in Nashville. Places like dive bars and honky tonks are the highlights, where they have shows like country music, hillbilly, bluegrass mixed with a little southern rock. Clubs and pubs are also aplenty, giving a lot of options for people to hangout and have fun.

  • Just Take a Good ol’ Stride Through The City:

Nashville is just an ideal place to explore on foot. Yeah, taking a normal walk seems like a boring endeavour nowadays, but in this city, known as “small town trapped in a big city,” you would be far from getting bored.

  • Make a Visit at East Nashville’s Hipster Universe:

The East Nashville localities are cultural and entertainment sweetspots. It encompasses everything appealing about Nashville ranging from Southern recipes, country music along with new folk-rock influences, unique stores. It’s just a combination of city’s history with the creativity of a new generation.

  • Instagramming Through the City:

Instagram has become an extremely popular social media app, so to fulfill your photo sharing instincts, just mosey along through the city full of great architecture, beautiful landscapes, amazing art exhibitions. You will find more than enough photos to keep yourself busy and happy instagramming.

  •  Go to Belle Meade Plantation:

One of the most popular plantations in Nashville, it consists of picturesque gardens, stables, wineries. Check out their calendar schedule, and you will be certain to find events that will suit your interest. They also serve great wine paired with delicious food, which makes it a must-see place if you visit Nashville.


Nashville is a great city. Combining modernity with a rich cultural heritage, this is a place worth taking a trip to. This is a city that has music in their bodies and souls, and who doesn’t like music ? which is why you can vibe with almost everything this city has to offer. It’s a place that at once can provide you with a serene, relaxed feeling, but also can give you the exciting jolt of an enthusiastic party.…

15 Cool Things To Do In New York City

New York is an exciting city with many things that are exciting, amazing and full of fun and entertainment. Some of the very exciting things to do in New York are-

Indoor skydiving

You can try indoor skydiving in New York. It is at ifly westchester. You can experience very exciting skydiving. Main thing is that it does not have any kind of danger. It is mainly themed wind tunnel by which you can experience and indoor skydiving. You will not face any kind of bad weather or danger. It’s just a fun time to spend with family.

Aire Ancient Baths

It is mainly industrial building which is from about 1808. Here you can find many massages and thermal baths which will give you an inner peace. It is a place which is delightful and you can relax your mind and body.


Normally pinball is the game which are mostly liked by school children but they are very exciting and very entertaining. You can experience many e modern and vintage pinball in the modern involved at New York city.


If you have to experience most successful tattoo artist so you are at the right place in New York city you will find Keith bang bang McCurdy. He is one of the most popular tattoo artists. Many superstars like Justin Bieber have experienced him.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

this museum contains fine art piece that are present around the world. You can find around 5,000 years popular artistry. You can find many interesting things like Chinese calligraphy, ruko fashion, rabbit holes, European monarchs and many musical instrument that may attract you.

Central park

After 30 years to 1855 New York population get double. By this time burgeoning city was in search of greenery. In Central park you will find a lake, public art, sports facilities and around 25000 trees.

National 9/11 memorial and museum

On the site of world trade centre you will find the national 9/11 memorial and museum. It gives tribute to the people who were killed in the 2001 attacks and also to the people who died in 1993 by bombing.

Empire state building

It is one of the most famous places in New York that is famous around the world. It gives the sign of New York ambition that is in 20s-30s. Still this building is is 44th tallest skyscraper.

Statue of liberty

statue of liberty is also one of the most famous places that are famous around the world not only for seven wonders of the world but also for New York city. It is a 93 statue of Roman goddess statue. It’s Framework is built by gustave Eiffel.

Stargaze in New York

It is a well established destination and also an iconic symbol in New York city. This place will provide you music performance, drinks, food and in summer it is one of the most exciting places in New York. You can walk around the streets.

Piano performance in parks

At the Saturday, in Washington Square Park you can be there for music performance and also for piano. You can enjoy beautiful show there. The piano man is famous there and is playing piano for 12 years.


roaming around Chelsea market is one of the most exciting things in New York city. It is filled with clothing stores, restaurants, designer shops. You can travel around this area and found many sample foods which you can eat in the city.

Party at museum

In New York city the Rubin Museum is a place which is very famous for tibetian Art. You will get a guided tour here. On Fridays there is a music show and you will get free entry post 6 p.m. you can find art pieces from countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, China and India. Volunteers are passionate and ready to provide you details.

Green vegetable shopping

In New York City at the midtown you will find the market pictures. It is a very busy place where you will find organic and local food. The places is better on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Time Square at sunrise

It is one of the most beautiful places in New York city and most famous Landmark of New York. If you see the city in the morning, you will find that the city has not gone to bed. It is now only time where you will find this place empty.…