August 10, 2022

Best Office Projectors Which Are Available In India



Epson is famous in the office industry due to its premium range of products. They make some decent quality products with a minimal price range.

EPSON EH TW5650 is a well-built home theatre projector that is very compact and has a premium finish. EH comes with curved clear glass, making its projection narrow and does not affect its pixels.

 Its the brightest home theatre you can buy in the market. EH supports 2500 lm of light and has a full HD resolution with 60000:1 ratio contrast.

Epson support screen monitoring and Wi-Fi connectivity with Chromecast devices as well. They provide support to MHL enabled devices. Epson uses IRF 3D glass, which Makes the projection clear. Epson also comes with a split-screen mode, which can input two screens simultaneously side-by-side.

Its QVC sensor makes the pixel clear. Epson also comes with a split-screen mode that can input to screen simultaneously side-by-side. It has active 3D support with Bluetooth glasses and impressive 3D image quality.

Epson supports a dynamic feature, which projects vivid image quality during the daytime. Epson has an inbuilt cinema mode, which gives you an authentic cinema experience at your home. Epson supports a wide range of connectivity and has at 3 m power cable to it.

BenQ W1050 Full HD 1080P DLP OFFICE 3D Projector


BenQ is a famous name in home theatre and projector category, they make some premium range projectors which are lightweight and handy to use, they are also rated very nicely by their customers.

Ben QW1050 is a Full HD 1080p home theatre system. They provide a premium lightweight product under a decent price category.

BenQ’s new mechanical system has 16 million colors to it that are projected on your screen by it. BenQ uses Cinema color technology, which is famous for its precise reference and level precision, to test over 20 combinations of color in the color wheel and produce authentic color on the projection screen.

It has a modern system with a brilliant cooling motor and fan, which has polymer plastic that makes it lightweight. BenQ has a rubber polymer finished on its surroundings and has a clear glass that can project a decent viewing angle. Ben Q has 2200 lumens to it, which can produce a bright image, and it also offers 1.2 times optical zoom.

BENQ gv1

BENQ gv1

BenQ is a premium range product line for office projectors, and they have been in the market for a while now. BenQ makes a premium line of products and is famous for its minimalistic design and after-sale services.

GV1 is a stylish and portable LED projector by BenQ. It is portable due to its compact design and lightweight, and you can charge it through USB C. You can just put it in your bag and move around and play your movies, model, or any other work through a big screen. BenQ can connect to your Google Home, AirPlay, and other Bluetooth devices wirelessly.  

It has won many awards due to its compact and minimalistic finish. You can take it to your gym and watch the whole fitness video on a big screen. You can also play wireless games through it, and its latest connectivity 5.0 will let you connect it and let you use it as a Bluetooth speaker so you will get a projector but a speaker.

Due to its support with airplay and Google home and services like Netflix and Amazon prime, it is very famous for household usage and small family functions.

Nebula Apollo

Nebula Apollo

The nebula is a small scale electronic product maker. They make good minimalistic designs with decent colors.

Nebula apollo is a decent looking projector under a minimal price category and provides us with some out of the box features. They have a square box design that is easy to carry around. Apollo comes with a small projector screen, which gives us a decent projection angle.

Apollo nebula is a wireless projector, which is a great help as it makes it portable. Apollo nebula has a screencast system that can work with streaming services as well. It offers a four-hour battery backup once fully charged. Apollo has a builtin charging point and can be charged with a universal charger easily. Its DLP lamp makes sure that you have a clear projection.

Nebula by Anker Mars II Portable Projector

Nebula by Anker Mars II Portable Projector

The nebula is a premium range portable projector maker which is famous for its elegant and minimalistic design. They offer a decent product crafted with premium materials. Nebula uses nanotechnology, which does not affect the color quality of the projection.

Nebula Mars is a premium range portable projector that supports a 720 pixels video projection. They have out of the box clarity to it due to ANSI300 and 2200 lumens brightness. Nebula mars use a clear curved lens, which gives a 40% more viewing angle than others and provides a clear projection with decent color quality. Nebula uses dual 10 Watt audio drivers, which can generate cinematic effects and provides you with proper low and high notes.

Nebula Mars has a deep pounding bass. It offers in a portable style, which means that there is no need for a power socket as you can charge the product just like you charge your phone. Nebula also works as a smart device and can directly Chromecast YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming websites. They have a premium matte finish, aluminum metals, and a plastic shield cover with a rubberized handle.


Sony has a unique name in its market due to its premium out of the box design on the features it offers. Sony has produced millions of products in every electronic industry and is now targeting the projection industry. Sony uses a premium range of products with a decent amount of craftsmanship, which makes the product unique and gives them stands out of the box design.

Sony 4K home cinema projector is a premium range of products offered by Sony. It supports 4K resolution for lifelike pictures and scatters 8.8 million pixels with a redefined Digital Cinema initiative support, making it one of the best projector you can get for your home screen. Sony uses the 4K XSXRD panel, a reflective display that makes it projection extensive and more responsive. Sony uses a 4K panel, making the black pixels and low tones bright in high tones of the colors.

Sony supports 2000 lm of brightness, which means you can watch it in full daylight, and it won’t shut its pixels. Sony uses SZ force for a laser light source, which makes it’s projection bright. It also supports 4K motion floor sensor and super-resolution support, which is useful if you love watching 4K. The 4K home theatre also supports monitor zoom lens and wide-angle shift, making it customizable on your end.

Sony’s tri luminous facility is famous for its smart TVs, well not anymore. Sony presents a premium display for its Wi-Fi home theatre cinema projector, which makes it one of the best products you can buy in this category. Sony’s projector also supports IMAX, which makes it even better and is compatible with IMAX content, which has breathtaking visuals you will love on your big projector screen.



Xiaomi is a Chinese brand that has a unique spot in the Indian market. Xiaomi is a mobile phone maker and has sold over billions of mobiles in India. They make a premium range of mobile phones under the low decent price category. Xiaomi is also famous for its out of the box designs and unique products that they offer.

Xiaomi media mini 4K Wi-Fi projector has a very unique and compact design. The product has used polycarbonate soft plastic with a rubberized front matte finish to it. The glass used is called a clear lens, which gives it a decent projection angle.

Xiaomi has used a LEAD Which Gives us an out of the box quality of the projection. Xiaomi Wi-Fi project can be connected through your phone and does support Airplay and Chromecast devices. Xiaomi uses a dual-tone ultra-long sound tube, which can produce a decent amount of sound for a mini room. Xiaomi comes with android nine and a built-in 8GBEMMC high-speed flash Rom.

The Best Micro Projectors of 2020

Technology is changing, and you will see that many things that have become smaller in size but have become better in features. So, looking into the best projectors, if you love the mini micro version, it will be of great use. Check out the best mini projectors here and see how you will select the best one.

The micro projectors are useful for:

• Education

• Business

• Entertainment

Check out the list and decide which one you would want to buy:

1. Kodak Ultra mini projector

The picture quality of this micro projector is just so good. If you have made up your mind to buy this projector then check the features first:

• Best level of brightness

• Great picture quality

• Built-in speakers

• Good connectivity with different devices

• Easily fits in your hands

• Compact and with great design

2. Top Vision Mini Projector

If you like to watch movies at home and want to use a good projector for the same, then this brand is good enough, and a few features will help you make the right decision.

• Good brightness

• Amazing picture quality

• 2 years of warranty

• Light in weight

• Compact in design

3. Anker nebula smart micro projector

This projector has been created with great design, and it is compact and light in weight. It is excellent for games, videos, and even pictures. You can go through the features and find out whether it is apt for you or not.

• Works on Android 7.1 software

• 360-degree speakers

• Good clarity

• 1000 ANSI lumen

• Great in design

• Easily portable

4. LG Electronics Mini Beam Projector

This hi-tech micro projector is good in component quality and is excellent in its functions. If you want to relax at home watching the best movies, this projector will surely work wonders. Some of the specs include:

• Wireless connectivity

• Up to 550 lumens

• HD Video facilities available

• Blue tooth sound streaming

5. View Sonic M1 Portable Micro

This projector is the best in quality and working, and hence if you wish to get it you can check the spec list:

• Good battery life

• Easy portability

• Good picture quality

• Best quality built-in speakers

6. Goo Dee Micro Projector

Small projectors are a lot in trend, and they help you in getting the best options for education and entertainment. So, here’s one of the best micro projectors. You can check the features and see how it works:

• HDMI, USB available

• Easy to set up

• Portable in nature

• Good in design

• 18 months warranty

• Built-in speakers

7. Optoma ML 750

This one is a small or microprojector which can quickly come within your pocket. It is one of the best solutions for your needs and of course, it has some of the best features you can check:

• Up to 1000 lumens

• LED inside

• Easy to move

• Compact in size

• Lightweight and comfortable to hold

8. HomPow mini projector

You will be astonished to learn hat how amazingly this projector connects with various other gadgets. HomPow Mini Projector is one of the best brands in the field of projectors. Just check the specs first:

• Good design

• It is noiseless

• Easy to move from one place to the other

• Free replacement policy

• 3600 lumens

• Works with a variety of devices

Buying the best micro or mini projectors will be a good idea if you like to entertain yourself. You can buy one by checking the reviews, and once you know which option is best for you, it would help you make the buying decision.

In the times when people like to sit at home and relax with the movies on, a good projector would be a value addition for your home automation needs.…