August 10, 2022


MOBILITY Super Protection Anti-Slip Matte Finish Slim Back Case Cover for Apple iPhone SE / 5S / 5 (Pitch Black) (Black)

MOBILITY is the most sold mobile cover for iPhone due to there rubber finish. They come with rubber finish on the back and the inside as well. They have a glass rubber finish on the edges, which makes them easy to hold and premium. They have nicely cut from the logo and camera and microphone section. They come with a super comfortable rubber, which fits your hand, and it has a glassy smooth finish.

The material is scratch and sweatproof, which means even if you use it with a little bit of water, the phone doesn’t get affected. MOBILITY comes in three different colors as well, but the most sold one is black. The pitch Matt black finish makes it unique and gives the unique and modern look and raises the boldness of the device.

Di BOX *3-in-1 Shockproof* Dual Layer Thin Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone 5S” (Silver)

DI comes with a unique finish to the body and the glossy back. They offer silver coating at the edges and silver coating at the rough spots as well. They also come with a coated silver button over the power button. They have proper cut as well and are heavyweight due to their silver aluminum finish.

The case comes with three panels, which means that this has three layers, including a metal texture layer, a premium plastic sheet, and an electric area. It comes with full-body support, which means that it gives 360-degree protection to your phone.

DI comes with six different colors and one different texture. The phone has a 0.3 mm thick in design, making it easier to hold as this does not make any other layers, making your device bulkier or thicker.

ETUDE ShockProof Hard Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone SE & iPhone 5S (Transparent)

Etude is famous for its transparent rugged covers. The cover comes with three different variants and has a satisfying feel to it as they have a well-built grip and elevated space from the camera department.

The cover is quite cheap compared to all, and the Apple logo is visible as the case is transparent, which makes it unique, and it will show your phone’s color. Apple makes some brilliant color scheme phones that you want to show off, so this cover would do justice to the color scheme.

The cover has a corner resistance, which means even if it falls from the corners. It will have zero damage as the grip is immense, and it’s quite strong and feels very rugged. The cover is shockproof and waterproof because the cover is very tough to the body, which makes the water flow very less to the main parts, but I would say that the phone is splash-proof but not a waterproof one.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case Designed for iPhone SE (2016) / iPhone 5S / iPhone 5 – Black

Spigen is one of the biggest mobile cover brands globally, and they make some premium rubber finish mobile covers. Spigen comes with three different sheets for every phone, and the design of the cover is a trademark of their brand, which is a rugged rubber back cover.

Spigen uses a black matte rubber finish, which has a premium rough built from the inside. Spigen has a trademark at the left of the cover, which makes them stand out. They have a proper cut to the lookout options. The apple logo is visible from the shelter.

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